Mindful Design

Celebrate our dedication to sustainable design, where every intricate detail pays homage to the island’s innate beauty. With an emphasis on locally-sourced materials and thoughtful craftsmanship, each decision resonates harmoniously with nature, ensuring our legacy is both minimalistic and breathtaking

Subtle Architecture

We value simplicity, ensuring pristine natural surroundings take center stage. By minimizing obtrusiveness, visitors fully absorb the natural beauty as the main character.

Locally Sourced

Our design team prioritizes locally sourced materials by integrating local woods, like Seruk and Renggadai, into both building materials and furniture designs.

Reclaimed Materials

Salvaged materials are used for buildings and furniture, such as driftwood for tables, sand waste from mining sites for bricks, and reclaimed timbers for various purposes.

Natural Landscape

We honor the natural landscape of Tanjung Kelayang Reserve, ensuring it remains a distinctive and captivating destination.