Indulging Local Flavors

Deep-rooted in maritime history, Belitung Island’s cuisine mirrors its reliance on the sea. Enjoy dishes that highlight local freshness and traditional cooking methods. Experience the island’s abundance through its flavorful offerings, a true reflection of its culinary heritage

Island Restaurant

Relish diverse culinary delights at Sheraton Belitung Resort's restaurant, where international flavors are served with a side of island hospitality.

Master Lie House

Unwind at our beachside hangout, where casual vibes, cold beers, and live music complete the perfect day.


Delight in private beachfront omakase dining. Our chef crafts exquisite dishes before your eyes, exclusively available through private booking.

Seafood Market

Treat yourself to fresh grilled seafood at Seafood Market, nestled by the beach at Sheraton Belitung Resort. Reserved for special events and occasions.